5 Reasons to Own a 20PerFit Mobile Franchise

28 October, 2019

5 Reasons to Own a 20PerFit Mobile Franchise

20PerFit’s cutting edge Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training system can provide your personal training business with a genuine point of difference. By owning a 20PerFit mobile training franchise, you can offer your clients full-body, functional EMS workouts that deliver impressive results – in a session that takes as little as 20 minutes. 

1. 20 minutes and you’re done

A single EMS session with 20PerFit’s innovative system trains the entire body – and it takes only 20 minutes. As this type of training method is so time-efficient, you’ll have the opportunity to fit more clients into your schedule every day, increasing your earning potential and allowing you to expand your client base. 

2. Train anywhere, anytime

Using the very latest EMS technology imported from Germany, 20PerFit’s system is 100% wireless, which means there are no restrictions – no restrictions on where you train, and no cumbersome wires or machinery to restrict your clients as they work out. Complete freedom of movement also means that your clients can get the very most out of every single session.  

3. Be your own boss

Starting up a business can be expensive, but with 20PerFit’s low-cost entry, becoming your own boss couldn’t be easier. By owning a 20PerFit mobile franchise, you can choose your working hours. No more punching a clock or working to someone else’s schedule – you work when you want to! 

4. Stand out from the crowd

By owning a 20PerFit mobile franchise, you’ll be one of the very first functional EMS trainers in Australia. Functional EMS training is already trending in Europe and is set to become the next big thing in the Australian fitness industry. By getting on board early, you can establish yourself as a founding expert who’s at the very forefront of Aussie fitness technologies. 

5. Happy clients that see results, fast!

EMS imitates the natural action of the central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to contract deep muscle fibres. In a single 20-minute session, up to 90% of all muscle fibres are activated, providing a workout that’s equivalent to 3 conventional training sessions. Because of this, 20PerFit’s system can deliver the results your clients want in the fastest, most efficient and most effective way.  

Keen to know more? Head to 20perfit.com.au/own-a-20perfit or call 1300 202  073 today.

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