Market leaders of professional EMS training

As the market leaders of professional EMS training in Australia, we provide a high-quality, personally tailored service, giving everybody the opportunity to enjoy highly effective, full-body functional workouts anytime, anywhere.

20PerFit combines EMS with a functional training experience like no other, utilising the very latest wireless EMS technology exported from Germany. Using the 20PerFit system, you can train up to eight clients in one 20-minute session, reducing costs while offering your clients better results in a fraction of the time. And thanks to our wireless capabilities, you also have the option to offer mobile training, making your service even more convenient and accessible.

Our science-backed system will allow you to provide your clients with a full-body workout that’s equivalent to approximately three conventional
workouts – and all in just 20 minutes. With our system you will be able to provide:

  • Effective, full-body functional workouts in only 20 minutes
  • 100% wireless EMS training which allows for complete freedom of movement
  • Customisable workouts to suit your clients’ needs
  • Mobile or gym-based training options to expand your client base
  • One-on-one training sessions or group sessions of up to 4 people*

*Group trainers must be certified in EMS Level 2.

20PerFit Academy benefits

As a qualified 20PerFit EMS trainer, your expertise will make a real difference to your customers. Just some of the benefits include:

  • A unique and innovative EMS system: stand out from the crowd as one of the first functional EMS trainers in Australia.
  • Happy customers: convenient, effective, science-backed training delivers results – fast!
  • Save money: no need to undertake external training programs.
  • Ongoing training and career development: build your skill set and your business.