Putting on the Nt Suit

  • Only use Suit in your size. This has to be respected to ensure the correct position and functioning of the electrodes
  • Put on the Nt Suit without any underclothing. The Nt Suit has hygiene protection in the genital area. The pulse areas inside the Nt Suit should not be covered by underclothing.
  • Fully close the zip.
  • The end of the zip is magnetic and can be attached to the corresponding counterpart on the back – so this is never an interference during training.
  • If necessary, use the optionally available belt to improve the fit.

Do not get the pulse areas of the Nt Suit wet and do not wear wet underwear under the Nt Suit. Additional moisture is counterproductive. If the body is not warmed up properly, the cooling produced during evaporation will cause poor warming of the skin. The TECNATIVES Nt System only requires your natural perspiration for optimal results. Targeted warm-up training is sufficient enough under normal training conditions.

Taking off the Nt Suit

  • Ensure safe and stable position.
  • Fully open the zip.
  • Carefully take each arm out of the Nt Suit one after the other and peel off to the front.
  • Wait a moment before continuing with your legs. Dizziness may occur in rare cases due to the elimination of the (intentional) compression by the suit.
  • Now carefully take each leg out of the suit one after the other.