Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training is an active, full-body workout that uses a wireless device to stimulate muscle fibres while you exercise, making muscle tissue work harder and more effectively.

The average person uses around 30% of muscle fibres during a regular workout, while top athletes use up to 70% of their muscle fibres. During a full-body EMS workout, up to 90% of your muscles are activated, making your workouts more intense and delivering more results in just 20 minutes.

Compared to traditional weight training, EMS training activates deeper muscle groups and helps to correct muscular imbalances in the body. EMS training is also a safer alternative to regular weight training, as there’s no impact on your ligaments or joints.



Your 20PerFit EMS certified trainer is there to make sure your workout suits your own personal fitness goals and abilities. Our highly skilled team will always be right beside you during your sessions, to guide you, help you and support you to reach your full potential and maximise your results. Because your session is specifically designed for you, your trainer will exclusively focus on your progress, ensuring your workout is totally safe and highly effective.

2. health

Before your first 20PerFit session, you’ll be required to fill out a questionnaire to make sure you meet all medical requirements of EMS training. Both you and your trainer will sign this questionnaire. Before starting any new exercise program, you should also speak with your doctor.

3. hydration

We recommend you drink at least half a litre of water 30 minutes before your workout to help your muscles recover post-workout.

4. nutrition

Before your 20PerFit training session, we recommend you eat a carb-rich snack or small meal to give you enough energy to get the most out of your workout. After your session, make sure you eat foods rich in protein, potassium and magnesium. This will help your muscles recover, and will also reduce any muscle soreness after your EMS session.

5. recovery

Between each EMS session, it’s advised that you take a two- to three-day break so your muscles can rest and recover. By taking a break, you’ll allow your muscles to repair and grow, which will ensure you get the maximum benefit from your training.