/ Good nutrition is essential if you want to fuel your body right and reach your goals.

Smart Nutrition for busy people has been developed by the 20PerFit team to help you
develop an eating plan that’s right for your training goals. This eBook is a guide to show you
what to think about when planning your diet out to help you achieve your goals.

There’s so much conflicting nutritional information out there, it can be difficult to know what’s
true and what’s not. You don’t have to spend hours each week to build a strong nutritional
platform. You just need to know a few simple tricks of the trade to help make good nutrition
the quick and easy option each week.

/ The Smart Nutrition eBook covers:

  • Knowing your Macros – Work out your Macro profile
  • Post workout Nutrition
  • Diet Pros & Cons
  • Nutrition Myths
  • Gut Health
  • Packed with nutrition rich recipes

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Download Smart Nutrition for Busy People today!
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