EMS Training is the latest fitness technology that helps you achieve the results you want in the fraction of time that it would take you in an ordinary gym. EMS training can be carried out in the studio or mobile – giving you the best chance of squeezing your workouts into your busy day!

20PerFit has brought this revolutionary technology to Australia, and is now offering EMS training in Sydney, Melbourne and in client’s own homes.

If you want to maximise your time and condense the equivalent of a 4-5 hour workout in the gym into a 20 minute training session, then EMS training is for you.

What Is EMS training?

EMS training is the very latest in training technology – by contracting your muscles with electrical impulses you’ll see amazing results in just a fraction of the time you’d expect.

With EMS technology you get access to time-conducive, full body workouts from the comfort of your own home. Simply find a trainer near you, pop on the EMS suit, and get training. It’s so simple and effective!