What is EMS Training

/ Revolutionary Technology

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) therapy is a cutting-edge technology that uses electrical impulses to activate muscles in the body.

/ The Ems suit

During an EMS training session, clients wear a specially designed suit with small electrical pads that stimulate the muscles.

/ Training with a personal trainer

A certified personal trainer will lead your EMS training session, providing guidance and support throughout.

How does Ems training help with weight loss?

EMS training targets deep muscle fibers, leading to increased muscle efficiency and more efficient calorie burning. By stimulating multiple muscle groups simultaneously, this efficient workout is like no other. It also boosts metabolism and helps reduce overall body fat.

/ Muscle Activation

EMS technology activates over 90% of muscle fibers simultaneously, providing a full-body workout every time.

/ Increased Intensity

The electrical impulses generated during EMS training cause muscle contractions and decreased recovery time, resulting in a higher intensity workout.

/ Reduced Joint impact

EMS exercise put less pressure on joints, reducing the risk of injury and making it an ideal workout for anyone, regardless of fitness level.

Why is EMS Training effective for Pre-Wedding weight loss?

/ time-saving

EMS training delivers the same results as a two-hours gym session in just 20 minutes, making it easy to fit into your busy wedding planning schedule.

/ Tailored to your needs

A personal trainer will create a customized workout plan for you to target specific areas of your body, such as your arms and your waist.

/ Maximizes results

EMS training can help you lose weight faster and more effectively, making it a popular choice for brides-to-be who want to see results quickly.

How long does it take to see results?

/ After 1 Session

  • Increased muscle tone
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced soreness

/ After 10 Sessions

  • Significant weight loss
  • Increased endurance
  • Tighter, toned muscles

/ After 20 Sessions

  • Improved posture
  • Enhanced body contouring
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
Benefits of Ems training for weight loss
/ Couples Exercise

EMS training is a great way for couples to stay motivated and work towards their fitness goals together.

/ Encourages Healthy Eating

EMS training teaches you to love your body and motivates you to make more healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating nutritious foods.

/ Increased Flexibility

EMS training can help improve your flexibility, making it easier to dance the night away at your wedding reception!

Get Wedding-Ready with EMS Training
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