Intrigued About Functional Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training and What It Feels Like?

26 September, 2019

Intrigued About Functional Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training and What It Feels Like?

Working out with 20PerFit’s innovative EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training system is unlike any other kind of workout you might have experienced before. It’s fast (only 20 minutes and you’re done) and it’s effective, stimulating around 90% of your muscle fibres in a single session. But what, exactly, does functional EMS training feel like?

Suit up!

The whole 20PerFit experience starts with putting on the suit. It’s a sleek, black outfit that makes you feel a little like you’re on an episode of Star Trek, which is pretty cool. The firm fabric holds everything in place, so you look great, but if you’re shy, you can wear workout clothes over the top of the suit – you just can’t wear anything underneath it (G-strings are okay, ladies), because the electrodes in the suit need to be in contact with your skin. But don’t worry – the suit is made with hygienic, antibacterial fabric, and is thoroughly washed after each use.

On the pulse

For your first workout, your qualified trainer won’t be pushing you too hard. The first session is all about getting the feel of the system while your trainer assesses your abilities and works out what level you’re at. You’ll perform some basic exercises over about 10 minutes while your trainer slowly increases the intensity of the electrical pulses, introducing them to each area of your body. These pulses come from the electrodes in the suit and are controlled remotely by your trainer, who uses a special app.

The pulses feel like a gentle vibration, and you’ll notice your muscles contracting with each pulse. It’s a slightly strange sensation, but not an unpleasant one. You just feel your muscles working hard – much harder than you could work them on your own! It might look easy from an observer’s point of view, but trust us – this is no ordinary workout, and it’s one you have to experience for yourself to believe.

Wait – is it safe?

Yes – functional EMS training is completely safe! Training using low-frequency current stimulation applied by physios and sports scientists as a complementary exercise and rehabilitation tool has been used since the 1960s. In a nutshell, as you move normally, small intrinsic electrical pulses from your central nervous system initiate every muscle movement. During functional EMS training, this pulse is simply fortified by an additional exterior pulse. And unlike other EMS system you might have seen, with 20PerFit’s hi-tech system, there’s no need to wet the electrodes to make them work.

Train your way

Once you’ve completed your first session and are ready for the full 20-minute workout, the level of intensity will be up to you – if you’re after a more vigorous workout, your trainer can increase the strength of each pulse, or if you’d prefer a gentler session, your trainer can alter the pulse quality to the level you want. That is one of the great things about 20PerFit – it is completely customisable, so no matter what your goals are, your trainer can adapt the program to suit your needs.

20PerFit’s system can be used to build muscle, increase strength or endurance, boost your metabolism and burn fat, or even as a form of massage. It’s ideal for everyone, from elite athletes and gym junkies to absolute beginners. It’s also perfect for older people and new mums, plus the fact that it only takes 20 minutes means that 20PerFit is excellent for anyone who’s short on time but wants to get in shape.

Free to move

Because 20PerFit’s system is 100% wireless, you’ll also have complete freedom of movement as you train. This means you can use the system for any type of exercise, indoors or outdoors. You’ll not only be benefiting from the exercises you perform; you’ll also be working your muscles so much harder with every pulse, thanks to EMS. This means that you’ll see results sooner, without having to spend hours and hours in the gym.

So now that you know what to expect, are you ready to experience the 20PerFit difference yourself? Head to today and book your free trial session. You definitely won’t regret it!

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