Train SMARTER Not HARDER with EMS Body Training

29 April, 2019

Train SMARTER Not HARDER with EMS Body Training

There is an inexhaustible list of reasons why we say ‘no’ when it comes to training. Unless you are ‘sporty’ or of the sort, people often neglect working out. Let’s face it, living in the city of Sydney means that there is little time to focus on exercise or a routine workout.

Alas, the solution to the ‘I don’t have time’ complex is here – it is known as EMS body training.

What is EMS Body Training?

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. It is an active, full body workout system that incorporates technology to assist in accelerating muscle stimulation. This muscle stimulation targets tissue, making it work harder and more efficiently.

Muscle stimulation is achieved through the expelling of electrodes through the body via the pulse areas of your bodysuit. These electrodes are controlled by the trainer, who has a tablet, linked to your suit, personalising your workout needs.

As the tissue is working at a maximum, a 20 minute EMS body workout is equivalent to a 4-5 hour conventional one and achieves the same results in only a fraction of the time.

Guided by a trainer, EMS training is a tailored approach to training – this means that the workout system can be personalised to suit your needs. The trainer controls the bodysuit that is worn, and has the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of the electrodes, focusing on specific areas on your body.

How does EMS body training work?

There are two things that are crucial to understanding how EMS body training works:

The bodysuit:
  • The suit is the vehicle for the electrodes during your EMS body training. It should be skin tight (and fully zipped!) to ensure correct positioning and functioning of the electrodes.
  • The suit is fitted with ‘pulse generators’ and are concentrated in areas of high muscle e.g. buttox, thighs, chest, abdominal area, etc.
  • Do not wear underclothing to ensure maximum exposure of electrodes through pulse generators (don’t worry, the suit has hygiene protection!)
  • Unlike other theories, your EMS bodysuit should not get wet as additional moisture is counterproductive and can cause poor warming of the skin. Natural perspiration is all the moisture required to achieve optimum results.
  • There is an optionally available belt to improve your workout.
The technology:
  • The technology is the connection between you, your trainer and your workout.
  • Each suit is required to connect a ‘novel pulse generator’ at the hip, which powers the entire EMS system of your bodysuit; generating, measuring and optimising nerves and muscles.
  • Muscles in the body contract in response to electrical signals sent from the brain. The software used activates the electrodes that are built into the bodysuit, sending impulses into your body. These impulses replicate or mimic the electrical signals from the brain, causing both deep and surface muscle to contract.
  • The trainer facilitates the intensity of the novel pulse generator using the software, selecting and controlling the workout program/s.
  • The technology also measures data e.g. calories burned during each workout, weight-loss progress, etc.

Whatever your end goal may be, it is important to first and foremost start with a healthy lifestyle. Start off slow, and train smart, not hard. Choose the regime that is best going to fit your lifestyle and habits.

20perfit provides the ultimate personalised workout using revolutionary, up-to-date German EMS technology. Do you want to see what all the fuss is about? Contact 20 PerFit today on 1300 202 073 or send us a message to book in your next session!

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