The Best Results Come from the Best Trainers

26 December, 2019

The Best Results Come from the Best Trainers

When you train with 20PerFit, you’re not only benefitting from the very latest in EMS training technology; you’re also working with the very best trainers. Every 20PerFit trainer has been trained by us, for us – and they know how to deliver the kind of results people are looking for.

What makes 20PerFit trainers so special?

Every 20PerFit trainer is not only a certified personal trainer. They’ve also undergone specialised training at our dedicated 20PerFit Academy. The 20PerFit Academy offers the most advanced functional EMS training program currently available in Australia. The team at 20PerFit are industry leaders in the EMS field, and we have used our wealth of expertise to develop an education program that delivers the very best trainers who know how to get the very best results. All of our trainers have a Certificate III & IV in Fitness, and also receive functional EMS certification from Germany upon completion of our program.

Our clients’ safety and satisfaction are our top priorities

Our certified 20PerFit trainers know how to get the most out of every training session, because they have the skills to make the most out of our innovative EMS training system. Our trainers are experts in functional EMS training – they know how to personalise every workout to suit the unique needs and wishes of each individual client, ensuring that you can achieve your personal health and fitness goals in a way that’s fun, fast, convenient and tailored just for you. And can rest assured that your safety always comes first.

When you train with 20PerFit you’ll know that every session will be different, making training enjoyable and rewarding. We’ve made fitness fun again! You can also trust that your trainer is always working hard to keep you happy – we don’t just want you to achieve your goals, we want you to exceed them!

We support our trainers with ongoing education

When you study with the 20PerFit Academy, you’re learning from the very best in the business. You won’t just learn how to become a highly skilled functional EMS trainer; we also provide full training and support to help you develop all the skills you need to build a successful, premium health, business and fitness service that can make a genuine difference to your clients.

The benefits don’t end when you qualify – the 20PerFit Academy is with you every step of the way! We offer ongoing education and career development that ensures all our trainers are always at the very forefront of this exciting new development in functional fitness. We also offer dedicated support services to help all of our trainers build and grow a successful personal training business. That’s why trainers who train with the 20PerFit Academy will always be one step ahead of their competitors!

Want to know more about 20PerFit, or enquire about our academy? Call us on 1300 202 073 or head to today!

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