Stand Out from the Crowd and Become a 20PerFit Functional EMS Trainer

22 October, 2019

Stand Out from the Crowd and Become a 20PerFit Functional EMS Trainer

If you log on to Instagram, you will no doubt be flooded with posts from personal trainers claiming to have the best workout method, helping people to change their bodies for the better. Circuit training, CrossFit, weights, group classes, HIIT, boot camp… These are all great ways to train, but they also require a hell of a lot of time and energy if you want to see results. Many of these training methods are also tough on joints and can lead to injuries, especially if you don’t follow proper form. 

So, how does a personal trainer stand out from the hundreds of other PTs all clamouring for attention on social media? It’s simple. You need to offer something completely new – something that can deliver results, without the need for hours and hours at the gym; something backed by science; something that works; something fast.  

The future of fitness

20PerFit’s functional Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training system offers highly effective, full-body workouts that build muscle and burn fat; all it takes is 20 minutes. A single 20-minute 20PerFit workout is equivalent to 3 regular training sessions, without the stress on joints. Functional EMS training is already trending in Europe and is now finally here in Australia – now is your chance to get on board.  

Your point of difference

As one of the very first functional EMS trainers in Australia, you would be able to offer your clients the solution they’re looking for. 20PerFit’s system is fast, effective and super convenient. Because EMS is ideal for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness, you can extend your client base to reach a whole new type of customer. From elite athletes and regular gymgoers to post-partum mums and older adults, this system of training is perfect for everyone. Because the workout is 100% wireless, you also can offer mobile training, making your service even more convenient and accessible. 

Be one of the first

With 20PerFit’s innovative EMS system, you have the opportunity to establish yourself as a founding expert in what is sure to become a fast-growing field in the Australian fitness industry. If you want to stand out as a personal trainer who’s at the forefront of Australian fitness technology and stay one step ahead of your competitors, head to today. 

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