Are you looking for a new venture in the fitness industry?
Maybe you’re a trainer with their own businesses looking to join forces with an exciting company to fuel your growth?

20PerFit has been helping sole traders in the fitness industry live out their dreams of owning their own business and managing an EMS franchise.
With a proven business model that works, they are dedicated to providing the best support and education to ensure that all of our owners succeed.
In this article we’re looking at why now could be the perfect time to invest in your future and become a 20PerFit trainer.

Soliman is one of 20PerFit’s most successful personal trainers, who has been building his client base since he started with the company. At just 25 years old, Soliman is a franchise owner running his own business, working for himself and taking control of his future.

He loves EMS training in particular as “it helps people who are unable to get into the gym yet are trying their best to be successful with their fitness goals & reach their full potential.”


Soliman realised that all PTs are paying high rent and making less money because the margins are so tough at the moment. Especially with COVID on everyone’s mind, gyms are often too stuffy and crowded to be a viable option for the majority of people.
On top of that, competition as a regular personal trainer is super high. He knew that he needed to offer a one of a kind service to stand out. Be like Soliman and join the 20perfit team today. Be you, be one of a kind, be your own boss and succeed on your own path.
That’s why Soliman decided to become a franchise owner with 20PerFit. No one in his area is EMS certified, and his community was crying out for a new fitness challenge. Now, Soliman’s business is thriving as he offers a one of a kind service that allows people to boost their fitness and minimise the risk of injury.

Be like Soliman and join the 20perfit team today. Be you, be one of a kind, be your own boss and succeed on your own path.


When you join 20PerFit, you’re not just left to your own devices to start running a business. 20PerFit stands by you every step of the way, meaning you’ll receive support from a management team with an extensive track record in fitness and franchising, and will have access to our full range of services and resources including:

  • External and internal marketing support
  • A dedicated franchise support manager to ensure the success of your business at the local level
  • Cashless payment system – convenient and secure
  • Easy financial management – handle the money for you
  • All training and equipment provided
  • 20PerFit Academy – initial and ongoing training and support
Train Smarter not Harder with 20PerFit
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