EMS Level 2 is suitable for those who want to establish themselves even more in the field of EMS training.

Objectives of EMS Level 2

  • Deepen expertise and practical skills
  • Customer needs of specific target groups
  • Practical coaching tips and techniques to learn
  • Practical learning using case studies and personal experience

What’s included?

  • Functional EMS training for sports and everyday life
  • Training groups of up to four people
  • Customizing training parameters and individual programming
  • Training planning with case studies
  • Manual resistance techniques to intensify and correct
  • Advanced intensification techniques for body shaping
  • Spotting techniques for advanced trainers (mental visualization)
  • Sensible use of additional devices in EMS training (superimposed EMS)

Why undertake EMS Level 2?

EMS Level 2 coach education serves to increase competence and improve safety when training with clients.

Who is this training course suitable for?

This training is suitable for all licensed EMS Level 1 coaches who wish to delve deeper into EMS training and offer intensive one-on-one training sessions.

Knowledge of the safe use of the 20PerFit system and the completion of all practice and theory content of EMS Level 1 training is required. Six months practical experience as EMS coach is also required.


EMS Level 2 training is taught over a period of two consecutive days (16 hours). The course concludes with a practical test.

Click here to apply for enrolment, or email academy@20perfit.com.au