EMS is not a new technology – doctors were using electrical muscle stimulation to treat muscle paralysis back in the 1800s, and elite athletes have utilised the technology since the 1970s to boost strength and speed. In more recent years, EMS gym chains have begun to crop up in Australia, but these usually involve a lot of wires and bulky equipment. This doesn’t just make things difficult for the trainer – it also restricts the movement of the client, limiting their workouts to a small space.

But all this is changing with the advent of 20PerFit.

20PerFit is a brand new EMS offering in the Aussie fitness industry, and it’s a total game-changer. The system uses the very latest functional EMS technology exported directly from Germany. The key word here is “functional” – 20PerFit’s system is 100% wireless, which means that clients can move freely while they train. And because it’s wireless, you can train people anywhere – it’s completely mobile.

So how does it work?
20PerFit’s system works via the use of a special suit that contains electrodes which stimulate deep muscle fibres. These electrodes are controlled by the trainer using a dedicated app, which allows them to fine tune each and every pulse to ensure that the client gets the most out of each session. Even better: a session takes only 20 minutes – that’s 20 minutes to deliver a full-body, functional workout that stimulates up to 90% of all muscle fibres.

There are no wires and no heavy equipment, it’s incredibly convenient for time-poor clients, and because a single 20-minute 20PerFit session is equivalent to three conventional workouts, your clients will see results faster without having to spend hours at the gym.

Benefits for personal trainers

  • Train more clients in less time: a session takes only 20 minutes and you can train up to 8 people in one session.
  • No wires: your clients can move freely as they train, and you have the capability to provide a mobile service.
  • Fast results: your clients will see and feel results quickly, and happy customers mean return customers.

20PerFit franchises now available: be one of the first!
20PerFit franchises for mobile trainers are now available for sale in territories across NSW and Victoria. This is an incredible opportunity for PTs to be among the very first functional EMS trainers in the country. Plus, a special offer is available for the first 30 franchisees to sign up – but you’ll need to act fast, as this offer is available only until the end of March 2020.

Want to know more?
Head to 20PerFit.com.au to find out more about this revolutionary system, email franchises@20perfit.com.au or call 1300 202 073 and talk to one of the team’s friendly experts. You can also download a 20PerFit franchise brochure or book a meeting with the Franchise Sales Manager.

Functional EMS training is already huge in Europe, and so it’s only a matter of time before the method explodes in popularity here in Australia. By getting in early, you have the chance to establish yourself as a founding expert in an exciting new field that is set to shake up the Australian fitness industry.