How to Build Fitness Quickly Without Causing Injury

10 December, 2020

How to Build Fitness Quickly Without Causing Injury

Exercising and fitness are about your body and your mind. Maybe in your mind, you’re raring to go, keen to take your fitness journey to the next level as quickly as possible. But you’ve got to make sure you wait for your body to catch up.

Avoid putting yourself at risk of injury by maintaining a slow and steady fitness regime. EMS training makes even low-intensity workouts more intense, so you know that your workout will bring results, even when you start slow.

3 key ways to avoid injury when building fitness

1. Warm-up and cool down

You might think that adding a warm-up and cool down to your workout is just taking additional time out of your busy day. Think again!

Beginning your workout with some warm-up exercises raises your body temperature and increases blood flow to your muscles. It may also give you more energy for the entire workout! Try doing stretches, holding them for 30 seconds each, or jogging on the spot.

At 20PerFit, we can warm up each part of your body using our technology which is mapped and connected to an iPad. This means that you can see how warm each body part is, as the suit’s technology informs the iPad. A trainer will then go through exercises with you to ensure that you are thoroughly warm before you start any activity. This is a great way to reduce injury and ensures that you protect your muscles and joints when working out.

Cooling down is just as essential for avoiding injury. Even doing something as simple as just walking briskly until your heart rate returns to normal helps your body to adjust. Some post-workout stretches will also ensure your muscles recover faster—meaning you’ll improve your range of motion for next time.

Man Doing Core Exercises at 20PerFit's Gym Using EMS Technology

2. Make sure your form is correct

Check-in on your form now and again to make sure you are not doing your exercises in a way that will cause stress to your joints or spine. If you’re working out with 20PerFit, your trainer will be with you throughout to check up on you and keep you safe, making sure your form is correct with every exercise. This is one of the main reasons that EMS training is great for building up fitness quickly without injury – our trainers can push you to your limits without causing any stress or strain.

On top of these pointers, a strong core and a good posture can help to maintain a proper form when you are strengthening other muscles. Remember; core workouts aren’t just about building abs!

3. Vary your workouts

The more variety you have in your workouts, the more results you will see.

But, more importantly, making sure you are working on different muscles each time you exercise means that you won’t be causing unnecessary body stress, which keeps the risk of injury low.

EMS training is great for varying your workout, as you’re able to exercise virtually every muscle group with a heightened awareness of how each area is tracking.

Woman Doing Core Exercises at 20PerFit's Gym Using EMS Technology

EMS training and injury

Physiotherapists have used the technology that EMS training is based on for decades, and it is ideal for building up strength in your muscles. Training with EMS, you can stimulate inactive muscles and target specific muscle groups without risking muscle or joint strain.

There is also much less strain on the muscles and joints with EMS than with conventional strength training, so it’s the perfect place to start for those wanting to build fitness quickly without the risk of harm. EMS has proven to help strengthen the core and prevent back pain, by correcting muscle imbalances and working each side of the body perfectly equally.

EMS training is a safe way to train, and no matter your needs. Our 20PerFit trainers can help you find the best solution to reach your goals.

Start your fitness journey with us!

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