Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Get the Body You Have Always Dreamt of with 20PerFit’s EMS Workout

24 June, 2019

Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Get the Body You Have Always Dreamt of with 20PerFit’s EMS Workout

It is a muscle stimulation workout that is sworn by celebrities, athletes and everyday Australians.

Once you try EMS training, you will more than likely never go back to conventional training.

Unlike many fad diets and self-proclaimed methods of weight loss, Electrical Muscle Stimulation training is scientifically proven to provide lasting and visible results in a significantly shorter time than regular gym workouts.

20PerFit offers Sydney’s leading Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training services with qualified and experienced personal trainers, who provide a safe workout, in any environment!

It is something that most Australian’s want to achieve, yet find so difficult to maintain with their busy day to day schedules.

With EMS, 20-minutes is all it takes for you to feel the difference with guaranteed lasting and effective results, whilst simultaneously improving strength and fitness.

Why is an Electrical Muscle Stimulation workout more effective than a traditional gym session?

Essentially EMS training is a faster way of burning fat, a more effective way of working out muscles and a method that is time efficient, especially in the busy day to day lives that most Australians lead.

EMS is all about incorporating small electrodes that are implemented into a bodysuit. The electrodes then send pulses to muscles within the body to enhance a person’s performance when training, activating more muscles than a regular workout.

The purpose of these pulses allows the individual to develop an increased level of fitness and will then be able to see visible and effective results in a shorter amount of time than the conventional training method.

Here are some reasons why the EMS method is more effective when compared to a standard gym session:

Engages more muscles

In order to improve muscle mass successfully, is applied. The extra stimulation will allow each individual to see visible results in just a handful of EMS training sessions, making EMS more effective than a conventional workout.

The fact that EMS uses 90% of muscles during a single 20-minute session as opposed to only 45% of muscles that are traditionally activated during a conventional gym workout of 45-60 minutes, can prove testament to the effectiveness of EMS training.

This means that there are 150 more muscle contractions than a standard gym session, which also means in a single EMS workout, you will have done the equivalent of 3-4 gym workouts in just a quarter of the time!

Burns fat faster

Fatty cells are targeted during a standard EMS training session which means the average person will burn more calories due to the increased muscle activity that EMS provides.

EMS works to build muscle as well as boost the metabolism, which, as a result, helps to burn more fat. However, just like any other weight loss program, EMS training is most effective when combined with a healthy and balanced diet.

Furthermore, a fast metabolism is generally the result of increased muscular activity, so the more muscle that is built up, the higher the metabolic rate will be when one is both active or doing absolutely nothing.

EMS keeps muscles working even after one has completed a workout, which allows the results to be more noticeable in a shorter amount of time, as opposed to the conventional training method.

Cellulite reduction

Electrical Muscle Stimulation targets the soft tissue in the body, such as fat cells and it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving circulation.

It also assists in the removal of toxins, tones up muscles, stimulates the production of collagen, as well as promotes a better flow of blood throughout the body.

Relieves pain from injuries

EMS uses technology which not only assists athletes to increase their fitness levels but is a method that has been trialled and practised for many years by physiotherapists all over the world, as an effective method of pain relief for injured athletes and patients.

Physiotherapists who have adopted EMS as part of the recovery routine have noticed significant results and claim that EMS is a faster and more effective pain relief for their patients.

EMS is a method that effectively assists with the overall recovery process of injured individuals.

Assists with the imbalance of muscles

Some individuals unknowingly suffer from muscle imbalance. EMS is beneficial in this regard as it corrects the imbalances by selectively targeting the affected muscles.

Most people who suffer from muscle imbalances include a significant amount of Australia’s working population, who sit at the computer for extended periods of time.

Being stationary in any position for a long time can, unfortunately, lead to the weakening of the muscles, particularly in the lower back and shoulder areas.


Why should you trust the EMS specialists at 20PerFit?

20PerFit is one of Sydney’s most trusted companies that offer Electrical Muscle Stimulation training, with both a mobile service or a studio, offering one-on-one or group training sessions.

Unlike the crowded and outdated equipment at most gyms, 20PerFit offers ample space to move around and with every session, you will be working with a qualified and experienced personal trainer.

Our personal trainers will customise each workout to suit individual needs and are flexible to work around your busy daily schedule.

EMS is a scientifically approved method for gaining muscle, correcting injuries, toning up as well as burning fat, with proven results from everyday Australians and professional athletes, who have improved their overall health and achieved their personal weight loss goals.

For more information, contact our experienced personal trainers by sending your enquiry online or call 1300 202 073 today.

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