A Good Diet for EMS Training

29 January, 2021

A Good Diet for EMS Training

EMS training is a fantastic way to gain strength and build muscle. But most of us know that to see changes in your body, you have to make changes in your diet.

When you couple EMS training with a healthy, balanced diet, it’s even more effective in helping you achieve your goals. Food is fuel, and you need the right kind of fuel to see the body transformation you’ll be working so hard for.


How Does EMS Training Build Lean Muscle?

EMS has proven to be successful for enhancing strength in athletes and amateurs alike. 20PerFit’s 20-minute workout sessions are designed with you in mind, to target different muscles all around your body to develop muscular strength further.  

The EMS bodysuit sends electrical impulses which target deep muscle fibres, so during each workout, up to 90% of your muscles are activated. A 20-minute session gives your muscles a workout that is equivalent to 3 hours of conventional training.


Meat Steak Dish

Not only does EMS build overall muscle strength, but your certified trainer can use the technology built into the suit to target specific muscles that you want to work harder, or where you especially want to see a transformation in your body.

As you build lean muscle, this speeds up your metabolism, which helps you burn fat. What’s more, you’ll be burning more calories during and after EMS training sessions compared with regular workouts, because more muscles are activated.  

What Is the Best Diet for EMS Training?

Of course, to get the best possible results in terms of weight loss and body transformation, EMS training should be combined with a healthy eating plan.

Good nutrition is essential if you want to fuel your body in the optimum way to achieve your goals. It’s not just about eating your greens (although that helps!) – you need to ensure you are eating the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. You may have heard these three food groups described as macronutrients, or macros.

Each person should eat a different amount and proportion of macros according to their body, their workout schedule, and their personal goals.


Chicken Caesar Salad


Sounds Complicated? That’s Where We Step In.

20PerFit has created a Smart Nutrition e-book for busy people who don’t have time to plan each of their meals to count every gram and every calorie. Check out the e-book for tips on how to calculate your macro profile, some advice for how to maintain good gut health and plenty of inspiration for nutrition-rich, tasty and filling recipes.

The Smart Nutrition e-book also debunks some common nutrition myths and gives you some ideas for the perfect nutritious post-workout snacks.

As a bonus, eating well gives you more energy, so you’ll be energised and ready to get the most out of your day!

Download the e-book today and get the fuel you need to supercharge your workouts!

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