6 Reasons Why an Electro Stimulation Workout Is the Most Inclusive Training Method

12 January, 2021

6 Reasons Why an Electro Stimulation Workout Is the Most Inclusive Training Method

Electro stimulation, while not incredibly popular, is one of the most powerful methods for training. Depending on your body type and goals, people select a workout based on whether it can help them to lose weight, tone, build muscle or rebalance their body. However, what happens when you have a combination of these goals? Workout methods usually target one goal; for example, weightlifting targets muscle development. In order to achieve all or some combination, you would have to incorporate a number of training techniques.

For busy moms and young professionals with limited time, incorporating a lengthy exercise routine into their lifestyles is not only difficult, but also can lead to disillusionment with exercise in general. For older persons and people with joint issues or muscle weakness (including muscle atrophy), finding an exercise method that is effective, but also not harmful to their bodies is almost impossible to find. However, an electrical stimulation workout is suitable for all of these people – and more!

Man Training with Ropes Using 20PerFit's EMS Technology

Does an electrical stimulation workout contain fat loss benefits as well?

Yes! In addition to muscle building and rebalancing, an electrical stimulation workout also helps with weight loss. It’s an incredibly intense workout that lasts only 20 minutes but that is equal to 3 hours of conventional training.

6 reasons why an electrical stimulation workout is the most inclusive training method

It’s perfect for beginners!
Beginners can be hesitant to try new forms of exercise like an electrical stimulation workout. However, many studios that offer electrical stimulation training also have physical trainers who guide newbies and help them to discover the value of electrical stimulation. Unlike many other forms of exercise, EMS does not take long to become accustomed to nor is it difficult to break into. With your personal trainer, you go at your own pace and find the techniques that work best for you.

It helps with weight loss, muscle building and toning
We mentioned previously how many training methods only accommodate or seriously impact one goal. For people who are interested in weight loss, muscle building and toning, EMS is perfect as it can easily achieve all of these goals with consistent training sessions.

EMS technology targets your entire body to develop muscular strength, increase your stamina and activate your muscles. This doesn’t just make you build muscles and become stronger, but it helps you to lose excess fat which also helps your body to tone. Additional benefits include the ability to rebalance your muscles as well as improve your endurance.

Personal Trainer Giving Session to a Class Using EMS Technology at The 20PerFit Parramatta Studio

Safe and effective for older persons
Even though older persons want to remain fit and strong (it’s also important for their health that they do), it can be difficult to do when they naturally become weaker and can endure less as they get older. An electrical stimulation workout is suitable for older persons because the workout is completed in just 20 minutes, meaning that older people with low endurance can handle it. Additionally, many older people have weak and brittle joints which usually impacts their ability to exercise and keep strong. EMS allows for shorter and effective workouts with electric impulses that effectively target muscles and help them to become stronger. This means that older people can exercise for shorter periods of time, endure less pain in their joints and develop strength with EMS.

Helpful for post-pregnancy mums
Post-pregnancy mums have little time and energy to get back into shape. EMS can be done in 20 minutes (it’s equal to 3 hours of conventional training) and is extremely effective for losing weight and toning one’s body. In addition to helping a post-pregnancy mum bounce back, it also helps her to strengthen pelvic floor muscles via stimulation of the adductor muscles of the thigh and the nerves that supply the pelvic muscles. This helps to prevent urinary incontinence, a common symptom that many women post-pregnancy experience.

Suitable for busy bees
Many studios that offer EMS workouts also offer an EMS bodysuit which is wireless and personal trainer. Both of these make working out with EMS a much more flexible option (compared to other methods) as some studios allow personal trainers to attend to clients wherever is most suitable for them and whatever time is most convenient. For people who find it difficult to dedicate time to training, this feature is great as it makes no room for excuses.

If you’re interested in attending a new EMS studio, visit 20PerFit. Their team is full of experienced mobile and studio personal trainers who will gladly help you feel more motivated with your sessions. They will also be able to guide your nutrition plan according to your weight loss goals.

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