20PerFit’s wireless EMS training system is changing the face of functional fitness in Australia. The innovative technology they use is the brainchild of German EMS experts Tecnatives, who are leading the charge in the thriving European EMS market. Now that the technology is available here in Oz, this opens up a whole new world of opportunity, both for PTs and for their clients. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the ways that 20PerFit can help your business and your customers.

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    Expand your client base
    Because EMS is easy on joints and tendons, this type of training is ideal for people of all ages and abilities, which means PTs can grow their client base to serve a whole new range of customers. While it’s a great way for athletes and the super-fit to augment their training and boost performance, EMS is also perfect for those who are just starting out, as it can he lp to safely and effectively build a base of strength and fitness. Because it’s low impact, EMS is also perfect for older adults, post-partum mums and even those recovering from injury.

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    Save time… and train more
    People are always busy these days, and finding time to train can be tough. This makes 20PerFit’s system ideal for the time-poor – their system provides an effective full-body workout in only 20 minutes. This isn’t just convenient for your clients; it also frees you up to fit more clients into your schedule every day – which means more income for you. Even better, the system allows you to train up to eight clients in a single 20-minute session, which increases your earning potential even more.

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    Train anywhere
    Because 20PerFit’s system is completely wireless, this means that it’s 100% mobile. This allows you to offer an even more convenient service to your clients – you can bring their training to them, which saves them even more time. Having mobile capabilities can also expand your client base even further – everyone from busy execs who want to fit a training session into their lunch hour to stay-at-home mums who haven’t got the time to head to the gym can benefit from the convenience of a mobile 20PerFit service.

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    Stand out from the PT pack
    As a functional EMS trainer, you’ll be able to offer a genuine point of difference which will set you apart from your competition. With 20PerFit’s system you can provide:

    • Safe and effective training services to people at all levels of fitness
    • Convenient sessions that take only 20 minutes
    • Full-body functional workouts that stimulate up to 90% of muscle fibres
    • A mobile training service that can go anywhere
    • A system that’s fast, fun, functional and effective

    This is brand-spanking new training technology that’s set to shake up the Aussie fitness industry. It’s exciting stuff, and 20PerFit is offering you the chance to become one of the first functional EMS trainers in the country.

20PerFit franchises are now available
20PerFit franchises for mobile trainers are now available for sale in territories across NSW and Victoria. This is an incredible opportunity for PTs to be among the very first functional EMS trainers in the country. Plus, a special offer is available for the first 30 franchisees to sign up – but you’ll need to act fast, as this offer is available only until the end of March 2020.

I want to know more!
Awesome! There’s plenty you can do to find out more about this revolutionary training system. You can head to 20PerFit.com.au, email franchises@20perfit.com.au or call 1300 202 073 and talk to one of the team’s friendly experts. You can also download a 20PerFit franchise brochure or book a meeting with the Franchise Sales Manager.