Why You Should Work Out with EMS Technology This Summer

28 October, 2020

Why You Should Work Out with EMS Technology This Summer

With summer around the corner, everyone will soon be rushing to get their fitness and body back in
check. While at 20PerFit, we recommend that you keep exercising throughout the year rather than just
during the summer, however, we understand why the summer may cause panic among our fellow
Aussies. Unfortunately, many people resort to going to indoor gyms for exercise, causing them to miss
the beautiful weather. With EMS technology, you can work out outdoors so that you can appreciate the
beauty of a fine Australian summer. This is just one of the many reasons why we recommend working out
with 20PerFit’s EMS technology!

EMS technology, especially when used with 20PerFit’s bodysuits, is an excellent way to workout,
regardless of the time of the year. We find it particularly effective during summer for a variety of reasons.
We know that right before the summer, you’re rushing to get back into shape. With a plethora of options,
it’s understandable that you can become overwhelmed. We hope to make your choice easier in this article
by outlining the benefits of working out with EMS technology for the summer.

5 reasons why you should work out with EMS technology this summer

Get results quick!

One of the best things about working out with EMS technology is the rate at which you see results. This is
especially beneficial if you’ve found yourself with little time to get your body ready for hitting the beach.
EMS technology produces such excellent results because it sends electrical impulses to your deep
muscle fibres during your workout. This activates up to 90% of your muscles in just a 20-minute workout
which is equivalent to a 3-hour conventional training session. We know that not everyone is able to attend
a few 3-hour sessions of conventional training during the week, however, with EMS technology, you can!
This short but extremely effective work out is what makes you see results quickly.

Man Doing Split Squats with a 20PerFit Personal Trainer

Work out your entire body

With 20PerFit, we supply you with an EMS bodysuit that is fitted with EMS electrodes that target and
stimulate all major muscle fibres in your body. This means that your entire body receives a workout
during one training session. This is different from other exercises that will target only one area of your
body. For example, with squats, only your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves are targeted, leaving your
abdominal muscles with no muscle development.

Work out outdoors

Even if it isn’t officially summer yet, there’s no denying that the weather is still beautiful. It’s warm, bright
and beautiful – the perfect conditions for working out. However, many people find themselves cooped up
in a gym, trying to get their workouts in and missing out on getting their tan and appreciating the
gorgeous weather. EMS technology and the 20Perfit EMS bodysuit make it possible to get an intense and
effective workout while also enjoying the sunshine. At 20PerFit, our mobile trainers can train you in your
wired EMS bodysuit wherever and whenever you like. So, if you want an early morning workout on the
beach or a late afternoon session in the park, we’re here to help you get ripped for the summer all while
enjoying the wonderful weather.

Perfect for anyone!

It’s not only young people who want to get fit for summer, it’s everyone! The great thing about EMS
technology is that regardless of your age or joint issues, you will be able to use this method of working
out. Because EMS technology sessions last just 20 minutes, it is perfect for older persons or people with
joint issues as it does not put additional stress on their joints. It’s an effective way of targeting one’s
muscles with joint strain and has minimal recovery time between sessions.

20PerFit Personal Trainer Doing Training her Client

Benefit from flexibility

We know that work doesn’t stop during the summer, which is why working out with EMS technology is so
great. With our 20PerFit trainers, you can train anywhere and anytime, meaning that you don’t have to
rush after or before work to our studio. Our trainers will meet you at a time that’s convenient for you at
your home or another location of your choice. This ensures that you’ll be ready for summer because you
have no excuse not to train!

If you’re interested in joining 20PerFit but still have a few questions, then contact our team. They will also
be more than happy to guide you through each step of the workout, explain its advantages and offer
training advice.

Try it for yourself and reap the benefits.

Book in a session here or contact our friendly team on 1300 202 073.

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