Why Is EMS Good for Older People?

19 November, 2020

Why Is EMS Good for Older People?

It can be challenging for older adults to find opportunities to keep fit. Muscle mass generally
decreases in old age, but conventional weight training can be taxing on the joints and inefficient for older people.

Woman Training with EMS Technology at 20PerFit's Parramatta Studio

EMS training offers the perfect solution for the mature aged

Perfect for older adults, EMS works by using electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles while you’re working out. That means you can still achieve your desired results, even from a lower-intensity workout.

It’s easy on the joints and tendons because EMS trainers focus on bodyweight or balance exercises. However, EMS can still provide a full-body workout that can improve both strength and stability, even for those older adults who feel they have reduced mobility.

For those worried about their stamina and endurance in old age, EMS is a great solution, because each workout is only 20 minutes long. A short, 20-minute burst of activity is all you need to start seeing results.

It’s ideal for seniors who aren’t quite as fit and active as they used to be, but are looking for a way to get back into fitness. A safe and controlled way to exercise, you can be sure that you are always exercising in the safest way, because your certified 20PerFit trainer will plan and supervise your entire workout.

You can discuss with your trainer your specific needs and goals, and they will take these into account when planning your workouts. They can adapt both the exercises and the intensity of the electrical impulses to take into account any pre-existing conditions, making sure you always feel safe and looked after.

Your trainer will be with you every step of the way, to ensure you get the most out of every workout. They can also ensure that your workout targets specific muscle groups without the risk of muscle or joint strain.

EMS workouts can be controlled with an iPad, and this level of control throughout the entire process reduces the chance of injury, so you can work out feeling safe and relaxed.

Man Doing Core Exercises at 20PerFit's Gym Using EMS Technology

Why do older people need to worry about keeping fit?

With EMS training, more of your muscles are activated, meaning you’ll start to feel stronger. Strength can increase stability in older people and reduce the impact and occurrence of falls.

EMS is the most effective way to build muscle strength without using heavy weights or prolonged, strenuous workouts. And as you gain muscle strength, your metabolic rate

increases. A faster metabolism leads to fat loss, which in turn can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Increasing muscular strength also results in an improvement in general, affecting your quality of life. Seniors who have used EMS to get stronger also expect to sleep better and have more energy. EMS training can also relieve back pain by targeting your core muscles and correcting muscle imbalances.

All these health benefits will mean you can live more independently and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

See what else older adults can achieve with EMS training.

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