Why Is 20PerFit’s Electric Muscle Stimulation the Best Option for Therapy?

3 December, 2020

Why Is 20PerFit’s Electric Muscle Stimulation the Best Option for Therapy?

Electric muscle stimulation is a popular method for toning, losing weight and improving one’s overall health. It is extremely effective at achieving results for these goals and thus, has become popular across Sydney. At 20PerFit, our trainers will prepare a personalised training program for you to ensure that, regardless of your physicality and ability, you are able to meet your goals. While we’ve established that electrical muscle stimulation is effective for weight loss and toning, we haven’t discussed its impact on rehabilitation and physical therapy. More specifically, we haven’t explored why 20PerFit’s electrical muscle stimulation is effective for therapy.

Electrical muscle stimulation, in conjunction with 20PerFit’s service, is one of the most effective coping methods and rehabilitation treatment for those in therapy. Rehabilitation or therapy is one of the less popular reasons that people come to 20PerFit, however, it is arguably, one of the most important. Many people aren’t aware of the effectiveness of electrical muscle stimulation and 20PerFit on persons who require rehabilitation and physical therapy. For this reason, we’ll discuss in this article why it is one of the best options for persons who require physical therapy.

Why 20PerFit’s electric muscle stimulation is the best option for physical therapy

Benefit from specialised physical trainers

Unlike many other companies that offer electric muscle stimulation, you can benefit from our qualified physical trainers. When you’re using electric muscle stimulation for physical therapy, it is pertinent that you have someone accompanying you (preferably a trained person) and practise exercises that are targeted towards your weak muscle groups and needs.

Our 20PerFit trainers will create a personalised exercise routine aimed at your specific weaknesses and issues. This will not only help you get stronger faster, but it will also ensure that you exercise safely. Regardless of the type of injury that you have, you can be sure that our team of trainers will take care of you.

20PerFit Personal Trainer Assisting With an Exercise at the Parramatta Studio

Target weak muscle groups

Many times when persons are injured or suffer an ailment that leaves them unable to move for a prolonged period of time, then their muscles begin to deteriorate. The specific muscles which deteriorate depend on the type of injury or ailment that you have. For example, if you injure your knee, then your quadriceps and adductor muscles may become weak. However, it isn’t always as simple as that. It can be difficult to determine which muscles have deteriorated over time and even more difficult to target these muscles and eventually, strengthen them.

Electric muscle stimulation can strengthen muscles that are normally, quite difficult to target because of their location in the body. Electric muscle stimulation stimulates and strengthens deep into your muscle fibres in a way that conventional exercise would not be able to. It is way more effective and efficient and developing strength.

Strengthen your core

Back injuries are very common and can be extremely debilitating for the rest of the body. Because your back is central to all movement, it cripples your body’s ability to move and exercise which especially impacts your core. The strength of your core is important for sparing your spine from the excessive load and transferring force from the lower body to the upper body. For someone undergoing rehabilitation, strengthening one’s core through conventional exercises can be extremely difficult (because the rest of the body is weak) and as a result, take very long.

Electric muscle stimulation allows you to strengthen your core through very effective but short workouts (a 20-minute electric muscle workout = 3 hours conventional exercise). Its brevity in addition to the ability of electric muscle stimulation to target deep muscle fibres builds your core’s strength and corrects muscle imbalances.

20PerFit Outdoor Mobile EMS Training With A Personal Trainer

Get therapy right at home

Many people who require physical therapy don’t have the ability to drive, walk or travel to an exercise studio. The beauty of 20PerFit and electric muscle stimulation is that you are able to workout wherever and whenever you want. Location is incredibly important as those who are not physically strong or able would rather work out in the comfort of their own home.

If you’re interested in joining 20PerFit but still have a few questions, then contact our team. They will also be more than happy to guide you through each step of the workout, explain its advantages and offer training advice.

Try it for yourself and reap the benefits.

Contact our friendly team on 1300 202 073!

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