Why EMS Training Should Be Your Healthy Habit Out of Lockdown

22 July, 2020

Why EMS Training Should Be Your Healthy Habit Out of Lockdown

Woman Doing Split Squats with a Personal Trainer Using 20PerFit's EMS Technology

Even though New South Wales is a few weeks out of lockdown, we know that many people are still finding it hard to integrate exercise back into their routine. It’s completely understandable! After weeks stuck at home, it must be difficult to get out of the house and find the time to exercise. However, it’s incredibly important that you get back into your exercise routine. Even if you weren’t engaged in one before lockdown, use this time as an opportunity to introduce a new change into your life. Let that change be EMS training! EMS training is the perfect post-lockdown exercise. In this article, we’ll get into why this is great for people looking to get back into exercise.

How does EMS training actually work?

For the newbies who may be interested in trying out EMS training for the first time, we’ll first discuss a bit about how EMS training works at 20PerFit. Our training programs use our 20PerFit EMS suit which is fitted with electrodes that stimulate muscle fibres while you exercise, making muscle tissue work harder and more effectively. Our suit will target up to 90% of your muscles and activate deeper muscle groups.

You can choose to exercise at our studio or with one of our certified personal trainers. The latter option allows you to exercise at the comfort of your own home.

Woman Exercising with a Rubber Band Using 20PerFit's EMS Technology

Why you should choose EMS training as your post-lockdown exercise

You can exercise right at home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all stuck in our homes–for good reason! However, even though our medical crisis has gotten a lot better in New South Wales, there is, unfortunately, still a level of risk when venturing outside. For this reason, many people, understandably, do not feel comfortable going to gyms or even doing much more than the necessary tasks.

Luckily, EMS training can come to you! Thanks to our wireless EMS bodysuit and certified trainers, you are able to enjoy an intense effective workout right at home! We think this is a great option for anyone who thinks that venturing outside is too risky but is still concerned with their physical health. Additionally, the chilly and rainy weather makes it quite difficult to get off the couch and into the gym so, having a personal trainer come to you is ideal.

It’s an affordable EMS training program

It may shock you to know that both our studio and mobile packages are very affordable! For the results that you achieve in a short space of time, you can’t beat our prices. Additionally, the more people you add to your group session, the more affordable it becomes. As many people are working with reduced incomes, training programs that are available at a modest price are extremely convenient. If you’re interested, check out our studio and mobile membership programs. They’re both available in 3, 6 and 12-month memberships.

Get your exercise done quickly

With the lockdown over, many people are back to work or working more shifts than usual. This means that now, more than ever, there is less time in the day. When there is less time, most people tend to ditch exercise. However, this is a grave mistake. Exercise is part of what keeps you healthy, active and positive. With EMS training, you can get an effective and full-body workout in just 20 minutes! Work 90% of your muscles and feel your body re-balance, rejuvenate and revive! Now, there’s no excuse for skipping your exercises. Get it done at home with our mobile membership or at our studio.

Get and stay healthy

During these scary times, it is extremely important that you maintain your health. Staying healthy and keeping fit does not only mean eating well. It’s easy to remain lethargic with cooler temperatures and the transition out of lockdown, but it is imperative to your overall health and immune system that you engage in some type of exercise. For all of the reasons listed above, we believe that EMS training with 20PerFit is the best way for anyone to do this. Save time, see results fast and exercise at the comfort of your own home with our affordable program. Regardless of your needs or goals, we will be more than happy to accommodate you in our studio or your home.

Our personal trainers will work by your side to make sure that your workout suits your personal goals and fitness abilities. If you’re interested in joining 20PerFit but still have a few questions, then contact our team. They will also be more than happy to guide you through each step of the workout, explain its advantages and offer training advice.

Try it for yourself and reap the benefits.

Book in a session here or contact our friendly team on 1300 202 073.

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