Why EMS training is fitness of the future

1 January, 2023

Why EMS training is fitness of the future

Why EMS training is fitness of the future

Today, we expect everything to be faster and easier than ever before, and fitness is no exception. But for most of us, this is far from our reality.

Many of us associate fitness with spending hours and hours in a dimly lit gym, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

EMS training is changing the way we exercise, allowing us to see the fast results we desire.

Gone are the days of spending hours at the gym. With EMS, you can see results at a speed that keeps up with our fast paced society.

We’re going to uncover why EMS training is fitness of the future.

What is EMS fitness training?

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a full body workout that uses a wireless suit to stimulate your muscle fibres deeper than a traditional workout would.

It’s perfect for people who are looking for fast results, as one 20 minute EMS session can provide the same results as a few regular training sessions.

How does EMS training work?

We know your mind may be reeling, so we’re going to explain how it’s possible that a 20 minute workout can provide such effective results.

Normally, around 30% of our muscle fibres are stimulated when we work out.

This is because any movement we want to make requires a signal from our brain to our muscles. These signals travel through our nerves, but some of our muscles don’t receive these signals efficiently as they have weaker connections to the brain.

This is where EMS has an advantage.

EMS training streamlines this signalling process as it sends messages directly to the muscles.

Not only does this make our muscles contract harder, but it also helps reach those muscles that struggle to receive messages conventionally.

As a result, EMS training causes around 90% of our muscle fibres to contract when we work out, providing us with deeper, faster results.

Benefits of EMS fitness training

Because it’s so effective, EMS training can:

• Promote weight loss
• Enhance muscular endurance
• Prevent injuries
• Improve muscle strength
• Speed up recovery
• Repair muscular imbalances

What does this all mean for the future?

We’ve mentioned that EMS training is fitness of the future, and there are many reasons why.

Your home can be an EMS fitness studio

If you’re wondering where you can find an EMS studio, look all around you.

From the gym to the park, our trainers can bring the technology anywhere that suits you.

And to make it even better, your home can be an EMS training studio. Imagine not having to leave your comfy abode to get an intense, full body workout?

EMs training satisfies the service we desire in the digital age. It’s on-demand, and it provides fitness in a way that suits our varying lifestyles.

As such, EMS could lead shifts in the way we experience fitness as a service. It takes fitness out of the gym and to your very doorstep, making it easier for people to achieve results.

EMS fits in with our fast paced society

Research shows that time constraints are one of the main reasons why people don’t stick to a regular workout routine.

EMS turns this on its head, as it’s all about speed.

From its 20 minute sessions to its fast results, EMS shifts the timeline of fitness, moving us away from the idea of “putting in the hours” to see the results.

EMS training understands that our lives are getting busier, so it changes the structure of fitness by adapting to our needs.

As such, EMS is changing the way we work out. In fact, we should expect to see the rise of shorter, more effective workouts that fit into our day.

Once people find out they don’t need to spend hours at the gym to see results, the fitness industry will see some huge shifts, and EMS will be leading them all.

EMS fitness training will continue to rise in popularity

Today, EMS is more widespread than ever before.

People expect fast results, and if they can get the quickest and most effective results with EMS, why would they try anything else?

There’s a huge market for EMS training, and it’s expected to continue growing as society demands more efficient training systems.

In fact, studies have found that EMS training technology will become more cost efficient in the coming years. As a result, you can expect it to be “implemented in commercial and noncommercial fitness settings.”

EMS is continuing to rise in popularity. So who knows? It could soon become the new norm.

EMS is shifting the fitness industry

Much like how flip-phones have given way to touch screens, EMS could be paving the way for a whole new era of fitness.

“Efficiency” is the buzzword of the digital age. We want things that are fast, effective and efficient.

And EMS training is just that.

Now is the perfect time for the fitness industry to change, and EMS is ahead of the curve.

Do you want to see the benefits of ems fitness training? Find a trainer near you.

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