What Exercises Burn Calories In A Short Time?

15 October, 2021

What Exercises Burn Calories In A Short Time?

We all know the feeling of overindulging and wanting to get back on track right away. While there is no quick fix to building muscle, losing fat and building strength, you can burn calories quickly by exercising.

This can be a great relief when you want to burn some calories quickly to boost your mood and help you feel better. But be warned – although some exercises will help you burn calories in a short space of time, for long term results, building muscle is the way to go.

We’re unpacking this very topic to help you learn more!

a group EMS training session taking place at a 20perfit studio

3 Things That You Need To Know About Exercises That Burn Calories

There are some basics that you need to get to grips with when it comes to burning calories. As you probably know, all weight loss comes down to calories in vs calories out. Many people who come to us have a goal of weight loss, and for this reason, they focus on how many calories they burn during a workout.

While it can be good to have an understanding of how many calories you burn during your workout, it’s important not to get too hung up on how many active calories you burn.

Here’s why:

  • Cardio will burn the most calories in the short term
  • HIIT normally burns the most active calories and only takes 15-20 mins
  • Building muscle means you burn more calories at rest

Let’s Unpack Those Facts

  1. Cardio burns the most calories
    If you’re looking to burn calories quickly, cardio is your best bet. Running, skipping and HIIT workouts are hailed as the best short term fixes to burn calories and get your heart rate up. These kinds of fast and furious workouts are popular as they allow you to get sweaty, quickly. They boost your metabolism and can burn between 200-500 calories every half hour.The downside of these workouts is that they put a lot of stress on the body. High intensity cardio training isn’t something we would recommend more than twice a week for weight loss.Why? Because exercising too intensely can put your body in panic mode, increasing the acute cortisol response and causing your body to hold onto weight. While intense cardio workouts will burn the most calories at the time, the after effect can be negative to weight loss overall.
  2. Of all the cardio, normally HIIT will burn the most in a short time frame
    If you are looking to burn calories in a hurry, a HIIT workout is your best bet. In 15-20 minutes you can burn up to 300 cals, by getting your heart rate up and moving with intensity.A HIIT workout might include sprints, burpees, mountain climbers, jumping squats, star jumps and tuck jumps weaved amongst strength exercises like sit ups, lunges and press ups. HIIT can offer a good full body workout and doesn’t require much space or equipment.However, like strong cardio workouts, HIIT can put stress on the body and increase cortisol response. This means that if you’re already in a high pressure job and feeling the strain in other areas of life, adding HIIT workouts to your routine is a no-no.

    a group EMS training session taking place at a 20perfit studio

  3. Building muscle burns more calories over the long term
    While cardio will help you burn calories quickly, if you really want to see results long term you need to build muscle.While cardio burns more active calories, you will burn more calories at rest if your body is strong. In this sense, it makes a lot more sense to build muscle slowly and burn more calories at rest than it does to burn yourself out trying to master running and HIIT workouts.Each body is different, and each body will respond differently to exercise. Some people can handle a lot of HIIT with no problems, but for other people the idea of cardio and HIIT is hell.

    Either way, building muscle is the best way to burn more calories overall, so a good balance of cardio and weight lifting is the best way to go.

    EMS Training Burns More Calories In A Short Space Of Time

    Then there is the ultimate workout – EMS training. This form of weight training engages every muscle so that you build strength and burn a huge amount of calories both in the workout and afterwards.

    EMS is a challenging workout, but it is low intensity, making it ideal for people who can’t smash out a run or HIIT workout due to injury or stress on the body. EMS training sessions deliver a full-body workout equivalent to 3 conventional training sessions in just 20 minutes.

    By utilising technology, you can supercharge your workouts and burn more calories in less time.

    Learn more and start EMS training now!


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