Traditional Training vs EMS Body Training

30 April, 2019

Traditional Training vs EMS Body Training

EMS Body Training: Not exactly ‘new to the market’

EMS body training might be new to the vocabulary of many, but the concept of Electrical Muscle Stimulation has been around for far longer than many people know.

Stretching as far as the 1970s, EMS was used to counter muscle atrophy in astronauts, focusing on quick muscle repair through the expulsion of electrodes into the affected area. EMS was also used to aid with rehabilitation and injuries for athletes training in professional sports.

As the technology proved effective in more ways than one, scientists during the 1990s began to implement EMS as a full body workout.

Fast forward to 2010, EMS devices became a worldwide phenomenon in Europe, as lay people began to utilise the new training systems, effectively improving use of time, workout efficiency and results.

As EMS has been on the workout scene for decades, much research and improvements have been made. Research now supports this and proves that EMS leads to an increase in endurance, stamina and fitness levels.

Evolving rapidly in popularity, EMS has now become a common alternative for training in most European countries, and now, Australia. Sydney has become a strong advocate for EMS body training, as many Sydneysiders are opting for the time-efficient workout over traditional training methods.

Traditional EMS
Risk of injury through muscle pull, strain or impact ZERO risk of injury as muscles are activated; not pulled, strained or shocked
Slow to see progress/results Much faster results than a traditional workout
4-5 hours a week 20 minutes a week
Little to no motivation Personalized EMS trainer to guide you
Additional cost of personal trainer Personal trainer is included in every session
The average person uses up to 30% of muscle fibres The average person uses up to 90% of muscle fibres
Activates some of the muscle groups Activates deeper muscle groups

The 20 PerFit Difference:

  • 20 PerFit is completely wireless – this means that your workout allows for you to move around freely and is mobile, meaning we come to you!
  • 20 PerFit is completely dry – unlike other technologies, there is no wetting of the suit involved.
  • 20 PerFit uses the latest German technology to ensure that EMS training is taken at its optimum prime.
  • 20 PerFit employs fully qualified and experienced trainers, maximising the potential of your workout with skilled and professional opinion.

Do you want to see what all the fuss is about? Contact 20PerFit today on 1300 202 073 or send us a message to book in your next session!


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