The life changing effect of EMS (with reviews!)

7 November, 2022

The life changing effect of EMS (with reviews!)

In 2017, 20PerFit was born to help people achieve their fitness goals.
From muscular strength and weight loss to recovery, EMS workout has many wonderful benefits that have been seen and felt by the 20PerFit community.
20PerFit has changed the lives of many. But don’t just take our word for it.
We’ve compiled some of our wonderful reviews so you can hear what our community has to say about our leading EMS technology.

“At 20 minutes a week, we all have no reason not to exercise”

A common sentiment among the 20PerFit community is that EMS really fits in with their lifestyle.
Only 20 minutes in length, our EMS sessions are designed to help you reach your goals, no matter how busy you are.
Donny G’s testimonial says it all:
“As someone who hasn’t really exercised for many years, I needed something that wasn’t time-consuming because of my busy work and family life. I have been training at 20PerFit for five weeks now, and I really enjoy the workouts and even look forward to them… I highly recommend 20PerFit.
Fitness shouldn’t have to take hours out of your week. 20PerFit keeps you in shape without compromising your precious time. We’re glad our community feels balanced with our EMS technology.

“Do not underestimate this 20-minute workout”

Sometimes, it can feel unmotivating when you’ve been working out for weeks but are yet to see results.
Whilst we know that our dream bodies are somewhere in the future, it’s frustrating when our hard work takes its time to pay off.
20PerFit eliminates this problem by helping people achieve their fitness goals faster than ever before.

Take it from these fabulous testimonials:
“I have been training with 20PerFit for six weeks and have already noticed an improvement in my strength and endurance. Working full-time, 20PerFit fits perfectly into my busy schedule.” – Mario Khattar
“It’s amazing what can be done in a 20-minute workout. It’s unlike any other workout I have tried and I started seeing results after just two weeks. My trainer is amazing and is great at offering advice and guidance.”
-Leo Romero

“20PerFit is not a gym and not a bootcamp – it’s a lifestyle and it works!”

EMS is truly life changing.
Not only does it help people achieve their fitness goals, but it improves their mental health and overall wellbeing too.
Charbel Abound has felt an entire lifestyle shift with 20PerFit:
“I was one of the first to join 20PerFit and it has been an amazing experience. The team is very friendly and professional, which makes every session very enjoyable but also challenging. The results are obvious to everyone and I always feel good when people compliment me for achieving such an amazing result in a relatively short time. I eat better, I sleep better, I have more energy and I lost weight. After only six sessions I managed to drop my suit size from large to medium!”

Jase Moussa has similar things to say:
“My experience with 20PerFit has been phenomenal. Not only have I seen an improvement in my strength and physical mobility, but my general well-being is at its highest. I am comfortable in my body and don’t feel that I am rushed to workout. I train and I love it. I have no intentions whatsoever of stopping. 20PerFit all the way.”
So, if you’re ready for a complete lifestyle change, 20PerFit may be exactly what you’re looking for.

“My trainer was very knowledgeable about muscle anatomy and that helped a lot with my rehab process”

Not only is EMS a great way to transform your body, but it can also help with recovery from illnesses and injuries.
Recovering from two lobectomy surgeries and a few months of chemo, Nash Eshan found that 20PerFit was able to speed up the recovery process.

We find Nash’s story very inspiring:
“I signed up with 20PerFit right after two lobectomy surgeries followed by a few months of chemo. At the time I lacked the energy for my daily tasks and felt pretty unfit. I found the staff at 20PerFit to be professional, patient and dedicated. My trainer was very knowledgeable about muscle anatomy and that helped a lot with my rehab process. They eased me into working out and eating a balanced diet. They also built up my strength and stamina with diverse and interesting workout programs to the point that I started seeing continual improvement from my sessions which are run in a very relaxed yet supportive environment. My trainer went at the pace that I was comfortable with, and before I knew it I was looking and feeling so much better.”

You’ve heard all the benefits, why not try it for yourself?

No matter your goals, 20PerFit is life changing for anyone who tries it.
From building strength to gaining self confidence, EMS has profound mental and physical benefits.
Take it from our community, EMS really works. And it can work for you too.

If you want to start writing your own success story, what are you waiting for? Find a personal trainer near you.

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