The Evolution Of EMS: From EMS Training Machine To Suit

27 April, 2023

The Evolution Of EMS: From EMS Training Machine To Suit

How Has EMS Fitness Evolved Over The Years?

EMS technology has come a long way since its inception. From the first bulky and basic machines to the sleek and high-tech suits of today, this innovative technology has changed dramatically over the years.
In this article, we take a look at the evolution of EMS training machines and explain how they eventually became what we now know as EMS suits

How EMS Fitness Training Started

EMS training has been around as we know it today since the mid-20th century. The modern and innovative EMS machine debuted as a form of medical rehabilitation and physical therapy.
However, the history of humans using electrical muscle stimulation stretches much further back in history. In fact, the earliest known use of electric muscle stimulation dates back to around 500 BC when fish that emitted electrical impulses were used to soothe muscle pain.

Fast forward to the mid-19th century and EMS training that looks similar to what we see today began. Initially, EMS machines were used to help those with physical limitations regain mobility in hospitals, with reports of EMS technology being used in London as early as 1860. As the technology evolved, they became more sophisticated in terms of both functionality and design.

EMS training was continually studied during this period, and in the 1960’s studies were produced that supported the idea that EMS training can be used to build and grow muscle. Then in the 1960s, Soviet sport scientists applied EMS in the training of elite athletes, claiming 40% force gains.

Over the years, more conclusive evidence came out about the success of EMS training on both strength building, fitness and rehabilitation and gradually the bulky EMS units gave way to EMS suits which provide increased comfort, convenience and portability.

Today, these suits are becoming increasingly popular among athletes, injured people and everyday people who want to elevate their fitness level and performance.

How Has EMS Fitness Evolved?

EMS fitness has been used in the medical fields for decades, and it is now becoming increasingly popular among athletes looking to gain an extra edge in their competition. It is also becoming an attractive option for people unable to commit frequent visits to the gym but still want a full-body workout.

In recent years, EMS suits have undergone an ongoing evolution to make them more accessible and easy to use. Advanced modern suits now feature intricate design and a variety of innovative features, including adjustable settings for the intensity of stimulation, the length of time the stimulation remains on, and increasingly comfortable materials. As research continues to advance in this area, we are likely to see even more improvements in the near future.

Celebrities who use EMS Training

Countless athletes and celebrities swear by EMS training, due to the fact that great results can be seen in a short amount of time.

Many professional athletes have found that EMS training can help them reach their performance goals. Professional football players, baseball and basketball players, Olympic weightlifters, and runners have all incorporated EMS training into their regular routines. These include: Usain Bolt, David Haye, Rafa Nadal and many more.

EMS training is valued for its ability to reduce stress while also increasing strength, speed, and power. As a result of these benefits, many elite athletes are turning to EMS as an efficient way to improve their physical performance.

Celebrities have also used EMs training, with the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Lindsay Lohan and David Beckham reportedly using EMS technology for strength, muscle building and recovery.

Advantages Of Using Modern EMS Technology

The evolution of EMS technology has been an amazing thing for the fitness industry, making top training programmes available to the masses. EMs training is amazing for improving physical strength and endurance, as well as reducing recovery time from strenuous workouts.

EMS machine-based training can be beneficial for anyone looking to boost their physical fitness, from athletes to those who are just beginning a new exercise routine. It can also be useful for athletes who want to recover from injury or increase their range of motion in specific areas of the body.

With the modern day EMS suit, clients can train anywhere in a short amount of time – giving them maximum results with minimal effort.

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