How to overcome injuries without losing motivation

15 February, 2022

How to overcome injuries without losing motivation

Overcoming injuries can be a lengthy process, but with EMS training you needn’t lose your access to movement. EMS training can work for those who are elderly and have restricted movement, or those who have experienced an injury that has set them back.

Being injured can really impact both physical and mental health, so it’s important to be aware of the changes you might experience and how to navigate them.

Here are some of the best ways to overcome injuries without losing motivation:

  1. See a specialist

    Often when we have an injury, the best person to give advice will be a GP or physio. Being treated by the right person in good time will enable you to take control of your injury and get on the path of rehabilitation.

    This will also help with your mood and motivation, as there will hopefully be an end in sight and a plan in place to improve your situation.

  2. Keep your diet healthy

    It can be very annoying to be hit with an injury. Whether you’re training for an event, or part of a sports team, having an injury can set you back months and even years. In some cases they can end sports careers altogether.


    One of the best ways to stay as healthy as possible is to keep eating healthily. By tracking calories and ensuring that you don’t overeat while moving less, you will be sure to stay in good shape.

  3. Try to keep moving where possible

    If you’ve been advised that you can still undertake some movement then go for it. Whether it’s a walk, swim or yoga session, it can be good to try and keep going with less intense movement.

    EMS is ideal for those with injuries as it can specifically target areas, and build strength in a controlled manner. Plus, with less strain on the joints, often the classic injuries like knee problems and ankle injuries can be avoided altogether!

    EMS is a great way to stay active, and manage your injury. Who knows, once you’ve recovered you might still want to keep up with EMS as part of your routine.

  4. Stay positive

    It can be hard, but try to remain positive in the face of an injury. While it may be annoying, this too shall pass and very soon you will hopefully be back on your feet.

    Remember also that an injury or illness that limits your movement can drastically change how you feel in your body and in yourself. Try to stay positive by using techniques like meditation, journaling, talking to those close to you and planning ahead for the future.

    You’ve got this!

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