Mobile Training With Our PT Ella

6 May, 2021

Mobile Training With Our PT Ella

Ella is one of our valued trainers at 20PerFit, and is available for mobile training. She is 22, and has a passion for health and fitness, with a special interest in EMS training. As a young female trainer, Ella is great at working with women who need a confidence boost to get moving, and are looking for help to build a healthier lifestyle.

In this article we’re introducing you to Ella. Take a look!

Healthy Meal

What areas do you cover?

“I cover the Drummoyne and surrounding areas, and am available for mobile training. Mobile training is really well suited to busy people who would rather workout from their home or outside in their garden or in the park. It means that they can spend less time on their workout overall, and with EMS training it’s a super speedy workout with great results so that makes it even quicker!

If you’re keen to workout with someone who can travel to your area, then EMS training is a great option as it doesn’t require huge movements to see results. You can comfortably carry out a challenging EMS workout in a small space in your home, garden, or local green”.

Why did you become a personal trainer?

“I became a trainer because it is one of my passions. I love the feeling after a workout and the benefits I experience from including it into my routine. I understand that some people need support and extra motivation when it comes to working out, which is why I decided to become a trainer. I love to help people feel confident within and help them reach their personal and fitness goals”.

Healthy Meal

What’s your favourite exercise?

“Ball Slams are my favourite exercise as it is a great total-body exercise that is great for both cardio and strength training. It is also a great stress reliever!”.

Why did you choose to become an EMS trainer specifically?

“I love EMS as it keeps the excitement and fun in working out. It is an efficient system that helps you reach your goals and notice results faster, which ultimately keeps you motivated to continue with this lifestyle.

It is a safe way of working out which widens the target market. It is perfect for beginners that are starting their fitness journey, athletes, older adults, post-pregnancy and more. I love seeing clients reach their goals in new ways with EMS”.

Why Choose Mobile EMS Training?

Mobile EMS training can fit in nicely with a busy lifestyle, as it enables busy people to squeeze workouts into the day. With mobile EMS training you’ll be able to train at a time and location that is convenient to you – whether that’s from your living room, garden, or a park area.

Mobile training is not only convenient, but it tends to keep our clients engaged as they are able to switch up their training locations when it suits them. You’ll no longer be stuck in the boring confines of the four walls of a gym – with mobile EMS training the world becomes your training ground.
If you want to fit a 20 minute EMS workout in at a location that suits you, then find a personal trainer today.

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