How to keep training in cold weather

12 July, 2022

How to keep training in cold weather

How to keep training in cold weather

Let’s face it. It’s difficult to exercise when it’s cold outside.

This is because winter is a demotivating time. In fact, one in three Australians claim that they feel more down and depressed in winter. The cold weather bears real psychological impacts, so it’s no wonder people feel less inspired during the wintertime.

However, it’s important to keep exercising through the colder months, no matter how difficult this may seem.

Whilst exercising may be the last thing you want to do, a winter workout will:

  • Help you stay fit and healthy all year round.
  • Allow you to squeeze some movement into your day, which is especially helpful for office workers.
  • Alleviate feelings of seasonal depression.

If you need some extra motivation, here are some tips to help you train this winter.

Go to the gym

We know that it can be hard to find motivation this winter, so going to the gym is a great way to encourage yourself to work out.

Seeing other people exercise will hopefully inspire you to start moving, so whip on your fitness gear and make your way to your local gym.

Find a fitness buddy

Understandably, you may need an extra source of motivation during the cooler months. That’s why exercising with a friend is a great way to get you moving.

It’s been found that working out with a friend makes you more likely to work harder and stay committed to a routine.

Not only will you and your buddy hold each other accountable, but you’ll also be able to distract each other from the miserable weather.

So, whether you’re meeting up for a walk, or exercising together over Zoom, pairing up with a fitness buddy during winter can motivate you to stay active.

Train in groups

If you can’t find a buddy this winter, joining a group will ensure that you always have people to motivate you when you don’t feel like moving.

There are many walking groups or running groups you can join, and moving as a team will take your mind off the weather.

Alternatively, you can take a group class at your local gym if you feel like staying indoors.

Sleep in your workout clothes

Should I work out? Shouldn’t I work out?

During winter, most of us have this mental battle every time we consider moving our bodies.

The best way to overcome this is by sleeping in your workout gear.

If you wake up ready to workout, you’ll be less likely to decide against it.

Sleeping in your exercise clothes will provide you with lots of benefits, as working out first thing in the morning gets your endorphins flowing, setting you up for a positive day.

Train at home

If the thought of leaving the house is the main thing putting you off, why not workout at home?

Not only is it warmer to exercise at home, but it’s also easier to workout in your bedroom than it is to make your way to the gym.

And if you sleep in your workout gear, you can roll straight out of bed and onto your yoga mat.

Get straight into it, because once you’ve started, you’re unlikely to stop

Often, the worst part about working out is getting started.

We get it, that awful shiver you get as you put on your gym leggings on a winter morning is enough to turn you off exercising for life.

However, it’s crucial to push through that initial feeling of dread, because once you begin to warm up, you’ll feel yourself getting into the zone.

You almost need to turn your feelings off when you’re getting ready to work out. Shut off any negative mental chatter, quickly get your gear on and get straight to wherever you need to be. Trust us, the minute you start your walk, hit the gym or lay down on your yoga mat, you’ll be ready to go.

And if you can’t turn off the negativity? Think of how good you’ll feel afterwards. That post workout buzz is addictive, so let that positive feeling fuel you throughout your workout.

EMS training

EMS training is another fun way to work out this winter. EMS sessions are only 20 minutes long, so no matter how busy you are, you’ll be able to squeeze in a session.

Whether it be in the office or at home, a trainer can bring an EMS suit to you. The full body EMS suit will keep you warm, making it the perfect workout for you to try on a cold day.

Whether you rug up and bravely face the cold, or work out from the comfort of your home, there are many ways to stay in shape during the cooler months.

Want to try EMS training this winter? Find a trainer near you.

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