How to benefit from EMS to burn those Christmas calories

7 January, 2022

How to benefit from EMS to burn those Christmas calories

It’s January, which means one thing. You’re probably starting a health kick.

But don’t be too hard on yourself. We don’t really believe in crash diets or 6 week programs here at 20PerFit. We think it’s all about creating a healthy lifestyle that you can stick to all year round.

Of course, there will be periods where you’re less healthy (like Christmas!) and some when you’re more disciplined. Generally this will be dictated by things like events, seasons and your availability.

EMS training can help you step into the New Year on the right foot, and create some healthy habits that will help you stay active all year round.

Here’s how to use EMS training to your advantage this New Year.

woman doing yoga in Christmassy cloth

  1. Fit in shorter sessionsEMS training is short and sweet, but the benefits are nothing short of amazing. From one 20-30 minute EMS session you can burn the same calories and use the same muscles that you’d use in 4-5 hours of a normal gym session.This means you can afford to spend less time in the gym, while still seeing results. This kind of healthy habit is attainable for anyone, no matter your work schedule or time commitments.Can you spare 20 minutes here and there? If so, EMS training could be for you.
  2. Use EMS training to motivate your positive diet changesWhen you know you’re investing in your health and fitness, it can help you make those positive food swaps. By cutting calories in your diet and opting for healthier choices, not only will you feel better but you’ll probably drop any excess weight too.Opt for high protein food options, lots of fruit and veggies and as few refined carbs and sugars as possible. When you know you’ve got EMS sessions booked in, you’re a lot more likely to stick to your healthy eating commitments.
  3. Find a fitness buddyBuddy up this New Year and come to EMS sessions together! It’s a great way to keep fit, and keep each other motivated and accountable.Having a fitness friend will help you have a laugh while you get the job done, and might even bring out your competitive side!a certified 20perfit trainer overseeing a training session for a client in a 20perfit studio
  4. Drink more waterDid you know that drinking more water is a great way to flush out toxins, minimise appetite and keep you hydrated?It’s also a really good way to stay healthy when EMS training, because any exercise can cause you to sweat which causes dehydration. Drinking more water is a healthy habit to pick up, and is one of the easier New Year’s Resolutions.Aim to consume around 3 litres a day to keep you on your A-game.
  5. Train 3 times a weekTraining 3 times a week is a great goal. When you couple this with a good daily step count and a healthy diet, you’re sure to be hitting your health goals in no time.EMS training can help power a healthier lifestyle, and can be the gateway into losing weight and feeling better in your own skin. Many people love EMS training as it is comparatively low effort and requires less time vs traditional exercise methods. 

    Get on board now, and book your first EMS sessions of the New Year!

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