How Hard Is It to Become an EMS Trainer?

18 November, 2020

How Hard Is It to Become an EMS Trainer?

It really couldn’t be any easier to become an EMS trainer.

If you love keeping fit and helping other people to achieve their fitness goals, then qualifying as an EMS trainer could be the perfect next career step for you. You can start a new business, find new clients and completely change the way you work, all from just completing the simple process of becoming an EMS trainer with 20 PerFit.

You never know what doors it could open up for you!

Candidates Learning at 20PerFit's Academy

Where can you learn to be an EMS trainer?

Whatever your fitness background, you can learn to become an EMS trainer through our 20PerFit Academy, which currently offers the most advanced functional EMS training program in Australia.

The team at the 20PerFit Academy is made up of dedicated trainers with over eight years of experience in functional EMS training under their belts. They will be able to offer you their full support, providing a fun and safe environment for your training. Their guidance every step of the way will make it easy for you to develop your skills and become confident that you can offer a premium health service to your clients.

The most important thing for an EMS trainer is knowing how to keep your customers satisfied. At the 20PerFit Academy, you will learn to provide your customers with effective, science-backed EMS workouts that fit into their busy lives.

With your help in achieving their fitness goals, your clients will keep coming back for more!

EMS training the 20PerFit way

20PerFit and the Academy are at the forefront of EMS training in Australia. The trainers use Tecnatives’ world-leading functional EMS system from Germany, which has transformed EMS training across the world.

You could have the chance to learn more about EMS training and how to offer the best services to your clients, all while using this innovative 100% wireless EMS system.

Becoming a certified EMS trainer is easy, practical and enjoyable. You’ll learn how EMS works and the physiological and mental effects it will have on your clients, so you can help them to understand the science behind just exactly why they feel so good after each of your EMS training sessions.

Woman Doing Core Exercises with a 20PerFit Personal Trainer

Why it’s a good move

EMS is no trend – it’s here to stay.

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