How EMS shapes your body

8 March, 2022

How EMS shapes your body

Wondering how EMS shapes the body?

If you’ve seen regular EMS users, you’ll know that their bodies appear toned and sculpted. And all in just 20 minutes a few times a week?!

How can that be possible? Well, we’re diving into the science behind the phenomenon of EMS training for body toning and sculpting in this article.

How does EMS tone the body?

EMS shapes your body in many ways. Firstly, it builds muscle which helps sculpt the body and increase the appearance of an athletic silhouette.

Secondly, it helps increase metabolism which can in turn burn more calories and assist with weight loss.

When we lose fat and build muscle, we’re able to reshape the body. This is known as body composition change.

Woman training in a EMS suit at a 20perfit studio

The science behind EMS training

Studies have shown that:

“EMS activation significantly increased both metabolic and cardiorespiratory demand at rest and while exercising”.

This increase in metabolic activity helps the body burn fat, which will show off those toned muscles that EMS training has built.

EMS not only boosts the amount of calories you burn, it also builds the muscles underneath your subcutaneous fat, so that you burn more calories at rest.

The best part? EMS training is notoriously gentle, so you don’t feel the impact of your training as heavily as traditional sports.

More muscles activated = a more toned physique

When you choose EMS training, you choose to activate all of your muscles. This means that you can tone every part of your body from your triceps to your abs.

Unlike traditional gym workouts where your form could be poor, which leads to less muscles being activated and a strain on your joints, EMS utilises every muscle possible. That means that even your weaker muscles get a workout – building every part of your body in equal measure.

This is amazing for training the body and building muscle in a way that is almost unachievable without technology. You’ll never miss a muscle again with EMS training.

Woman and man muscular stomachs

EMS is a full body workout

By using a wireless device to stimulate muscle fibers while you exercise, your muscles work harder. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean more effort from you.

The average person uses around 30% of muscle fibers during a regular workout, while top athletes use up to 70% of their muscle fibers. During a full-body EMS workout, up to 90% of your muscles are activated, making your workouts more intense and delivering more results in just 20 minutes.

Many people find that toning and shaping the body this way is a lot easier, and certainly takes less time. EMS training sessions deliver a full-body workout equivalent to 3 conventional training sessions in just 20 minutes.

Ready to use this game changing technology?

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