How can EMS help in preserving muscle mass

1 September, 2022

How can EMS help in preserving muscle mass

How can EMS help in preserving muscle mass

Did you know that EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training can help you build and preserve muscle mass?

EMS is a full body workout that uses a wireless suit to stimulate your muscle fibres whilst you exercise.

This form of exercise allows you to activate more of your muscles than you’d be able to during a regular training session, helping you build muscle faster and more effectively.

We’re going to explore how EMS contributes to strength, recovery and rehabilitation.

How does EMS build muscle and preserve muscle mass?

When you’re exercising, electrical signals run from your brain to your muscles, which causes your muscles to contract. Usually, the average person will be able to activate around 30% of their muscle fibres during this process.

This percentage varies, and it can be influenced by a range of factors. For example, if you’re distracted whilst training, you may put less effort into your workout, which would negatively impact your exertion.

On the other hand, when you’re training with an EMS suit, the electrical signals sent to your muscles are much stronger, allowing you to activate around 90% of your muscle fibres. No matter how distracted you are during an EMS session, you’ll still be deeply stimulating your muscles, making EMS an effective training method across a range of different contexts.

It’s evident that EMS training can help you build muscle faster and more effectively than regular training. In fact, it’s been found that a 20 minute EMS session can provide you with the same results as 3 regular training sessions.

So, if you’re someone who trains regularly, you’d benefit from EMS training, as it’ll keep your muscles in great condition whilst speeding up the process of muscle growth.

EMS for injury prevention

EMS training is also a great way to prevent injuries.

One of the many benefits of EMS training is that it can correct any muscular imbalances in the body. By strengthening weaker muscles, EMS will protect your body to prevent injuries that could occur from imbalances.

Additionally, when training in an EMS suit, you’re able to strengthen your whole body. Improving your overall muscular strength is an effective way to prevent future injuries, as it protects your body.

EMS is also effective when it comes to recovery post workout. EMS promotes blood circulation, which both oxygenates the muscles and aids the flow of nutrients during recovery. This will help your muscles recover after your training session, reducing the likelihood of injury.

EMS for rehabilitation

EMS is also helpful when it comes to rehabilitation.

After you’ve been injured, you’re forced to be inactive for long periods of time, which leads to the weakening of muscle groups. EMS training is a safe, low impact way to rebuild muscle strength, making it effective in the context of rehabilitation.

According to research, EMS training is especially helpful for individuals who are injured, or who experience severe muscular atrophy. In fact, it was found that EMS can increase muscle mass by 1% and improve muscle function by 10–15% after 5–6 weeks of EMS based treatment.

As we mentioned before, EMS also promotes blood flow, which speeds up the recovery process for people who have sustained injuries.

So, not only does EMS training build muscle mass, but it’s a great way to re-strengthen your muscles after an injury.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle or recover from an injury, EMS training is a great way to strengthen your muscles. It has the ability to deeply stimulate your muscles, allowing you to achieve more effective results.

Do you want to try EMS training? Find a 20PerFit trainer near you.

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