One of the best EMS benefits? It’s the secret to an amazing summer body!

26 October, 2021

One of the best EMS benefits? It’s the secret to an amazing summer body!

In October, Sydney is home to beautiful, warm weather. While it will certainly get much hotter and sunnier, your summer body shouldn’t have to wait. If you want to feel more confident and energetic this summer, then join 20PerFit to take advantage of the many EMS benefits that we have to offer. It’s never too late to start working on your body, so get in our studio or hire one of our amazing mobile trainers and begin your EMS journey.

October isn’t too close to the peak of summer for you to begin working out and developing a summer body that you feel comfortable with. In fact, EMS training is uniquely qualified to get your body back on track in record time. In this article, we’ll discuss how joining 20PerFit helps you utilise EMS training to get the summer body you always wanted.

three people working out using an EMS suits in a 20perfit studio

EMS benefits truly shine during the summer

One of the best things about living in Sydney is being able to enjoy amazing weather for the majority of the year. Sunny weather means it’s the perfect time to lounge by the beach, play your favourite sports and do your favourite outdoor activities! You’ll find that as you become more active during the summer, you don’t only want to feel more confident in your body, but you also want to improve your energy levels.

Your energy levels are boosted by EMS training because it boosts oxygen circulation around your body. This increase in circulation allows your body to utilise energy much more efficiently, making your supply last longer.

Let’s now get into how EMS training with 20PerFit can help your summer body dreams come true.

#1 Shorter, more consistent workouts

Shorter workouts allow you to work out more frequently, thereby reaching your desired summer body much faster. One of the most frequent complaints we hear from new clients who previously struggled to exercise consistently is that they don’t have the time or that some exercise sessions are too long.

However, EMS training sessions are just 20 minutes and are equal to 3 hours of conventional training! So, even though it’s short and sweet, we promise you’ll see results. With the brevity of these sessions, you’ll be able to fit them into your busy days quite easily.

#2 Flexibility allows for more motivation

We know that sometimes, flexibility is needed to ensure that your workouts are achieved. At 20PerFit, we provide flexibility through our mobile trainers in two ways:

  • You can work out wherever is most convenient for you.
  • With your trainer, you can determine a time that is most agreeable to your schedule.

Our wireless EMS bodysuit allows us to afford you this freedom while maintaining all of the benefits of traditional in-studio EMS training sessions.

a woman and a man working out at a sand beach

#3 Tailored workouts for each body

As mentioned before, at 20PerFit, you can work out with your EMS bodysuit under the guidance of one of our amazing trainers. Our trainers can help you get a more effective workout as well as devise a training plan for you based on what you’d like to change about your body.

Want to tone your legs? Interested in building your abdominal muscles? Think your love handles can be reduced? Would you like your overall cellulite to reduce? Whatever your problem is, our trainer will work with you to meet your goals. Their experience in EMS training is unmatched and will be a great asset in developing your summer body.

#4 Effective method for weight loss

Weight loss is often the thought on everyone’s mind when it comes to getting in shape for summer. Luckily, one of EMS’ benefits is exactly that – losing weight. EMS training helps you to build lean muscle which, in turn, speeds up your metabolism. Speeding up your metabolism allows you to burn fat faster, thereby, helping you to lose weight.

#5 Targets the entire body

EMS training is one of the few forms of exercise that targets your entire body (in addition to targeting problem areas). As mentioned before, EMS also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving circulation, removing toxins, toning your muscles and stimulating collagen production and blood flow to the skin.

Tips for reaching your goal

At 20PerFit, we know that our training sessions can’t be the only answer. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your EMS training and giving yourself the best chance at getting that summer body, we recommend the following:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Stay hydrated
  • Minimise processed food and sugary drinks
  • Introduce healthy swaps into your diet

There are many more health tips that you can follow, check out our Nutrition E-book for more.

Our team knows how important it is for you to get prepared for the summer. We look forward to helping you on that journey. Find out more about our studio and how EMS training can change your life on our website.

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