Electrical Muscle Stimulation benefits

28 February, 2023

Electrical Muscle Stimulation benefits

Electrical Muscle Stimulation training has a whole host of benefits. EMS imitates the natural action of the central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to contract your deep muscle fibres, providing 150 times more muscle contractions than a regular training session.

It’s safe and is an incredibly effective way to build muscle strength without risk of aggravating injuries or putting a strain on joints, tendons or ligaments.. In this article, we’re unpacking some of our favourite Electrical Muscle Stimulation benefits.

EMS Benefits Blog Takeaways

  • Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) can help build strength in the body, treat musculoskeletal injuries or ailments and aid weight loss and overall health.
  • EMS has been proven to minimise pain, rehabilitate after injury, and build muscle tone.
  • Its effectiveness has been proven on multiple subjects from elite athletes to elderly people and injured patients.
  • Electric muscle stimulation can restore muscle function, aid stability and reduce pain when working out.
  • It’s ideal for any body type and can achieve effective results in shorter time frames.


6 Electrical Muscle Stimulation benefits

The top Electric Muscle Stimulation benefits have been well documented by various studies in both a commercial and medical setting. Whether in the gym or in the hospital, EMS has had positive outcomes for a broad range of patients before becoming a mainstream form of exercise.

EMS has several benefits

Benefit 1: Produces cardiovascular effect, without cardio exercise

Some people simply hate cardio. Many of us were scarred by cross country running at school, and the thought of running a 10k gives us shivers to this day.
The good news for those folk is that EMS training can make the body feel and react as if it’s doing cardio, without the participant actually having to do it. The result? Improved fitness without high intensity cardio.

Recent studies have found that:
EMS produces “a physiologic response consistent with cardiovascular exercise at mild to moderate intensities by increasing peak oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, ventilatory capacity, and heart rate. Additionally, there is improvement in muscle strength”.

Electro Muscle stimulation

Benefit 2: Improves muscle strength

Many people go to the gym to build muscle, which creates a strong and athletic body shape. However, often lifting heavy weights in the gym is very time consuming, and can be the cause of injury if not completed correctly.

People who do Electric Muscle Stimulation benefit from being able to build muscle, without even lifting heavy weights. The EMS suit stimulates muscle fibres and creates the same physiological effects as lifting weights and working the muscles, which in turn strengthens the body.

Benefit 3: Aids exercise participation in those with chronic conditions

People with conditions like arthritis , heart failure and other chronic conditions can find that Electric Muscle Stimulation training benefits them by building cardio strength and muscle power without having to risk injury by joint loading or excessive heart rate arousal.

Participants who can’t undergo strenuous exercise, sports or high intensity training often find that Electric Muscle Stimulation gives them all the benefits of a good workout, without making their condition worse.

Benefit 4: Helps with weight loss

A benefit of Electric Muscle Stimulation training is that when done in conjunction with a calorie deficit, it can help people lose weight.

By building muscle and enabling the body to burn more at rest, EMS training can help participants shift unwanted lbs.

Electro Muscle stimulation workout

Benefit 5: Circulation increases

EMS benefits from boosting the circulation of blood through the body which supports better oxygen movement. This not only enhances the recovery of muscles and helps them perform better, it can also boost energy levels and mood overall.

Studies show that good circulation keeps your organs working, boosts brain health, increases heart health and gives your skin a natural flush.

Benefit 6: It can be used in rehabilitation

When injuries occur, it can be hard to train on the affected area. But on the flip side, it’s imperative that you strengthen the muscle or bone that was injured in order to bring it back to full health.

EMS offers a great way to stimulate inactive muscles and rebuild strength when you’re not able to do so through conventional training methods. It can also help the muscle to recover faster as it promotes circulation, which aids in nutrient transfer through the muscles, accelerating the recovery process.

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