Strength is foundational to all sporting success and it must be established early in an athlete’s career for them to improve. Positive results support the use of FEMS for strength enhancement and performance improvements.

At 20Perfit, you will achieve optimal results when using the technology appropriately as a team of professionals will tailor your workout to specific settings, timings, frequency, and the overall volume of work.

FEMS can not only restore, but also enhance those connections, serving to assess the neuromuscular system by monitoring the amount of current required to contract the muscles in question.


At 20Perfit, we aim to not only enhance your health but also improve your fitness performance. Our 20-minute workouts are designed to target your entire body to develop muscular strength and increase stamina, endurance and stability.

After just a few sessions, you are guaranteed to feel more energetic and fit. Our 20-minute workout sessions are tailored to suit your needs; targeting problematic areas and helping you work towards your fitness goals. Regular workouts will help to challenge your body and enable your muscle fibres to perform at optimum levels. This will reduce the risk of certain injuries and improve your overall physical ability.

At 20Perfit, you will begin to feel fitter and experience visible results within no time. Experience the difference of fitness and achieve your optimal potential with FEMS training.


As a revolutionary method of training, FEMS is proven to maintain, enhance and cultivate physical health. Some health benefits include the improvement of blood circulation, aiding lymphatic drainage, supporting weight loss and ultimately decreasing the chance of developing pulmonary and cardiac related diseases. As well as the numerous physical benefits, FEMS is known to enhance mental health by improving sleep, reducing depression and anxiety and boosting overall self-esteem.

At 20Perfit, you will achieve your desired health goals through the support and guidance of our FEMS fitness professionals. Before, undertaking your first training session, our team will discuss your health conditions and work with you towards achieving and surpassing your fitness goals.

With the endless health benefits, FEMS training is the future of fitness. 20Perfit is suitable for any individual aiming to enhance their health and improve their quality of life.

post pregnancy

Getting into shape after pregnancy can be a challenging experience for many women. FEMS is one of the fastest ways to achieve the results you want in the safest, most efficient way. At 20Perfit, our team will guide you through a tailored program to target stubborn areas and activate muscles that can be hard to reach with conventional training (strengthening the pelvic floor muscles through the stimulation of the adductors, as well as the nerves that supply the pelvic floor muscles.

FEMS training is a great solution for post-pregnancy as it protects your joints, working your entire body safely, without the need for heavy weights. We also offer nutritional advice to supplement your training plan for a more holistic result.


Doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 80, everyone can benefit from 20PERFIT FEMS training.

The body constitution changes with an increasing age. The metabolism slow down, your body becomes suitable to a higher risk of injury and your strength will reduce.

With 20PERFIT a significant strength increase could be established, giving you, stronger muscles protecting your internal organs and bones.

FEMS is an excellent age medicine, the best tool to preserve autonomy in old age, and the safest training with no pressure on your joints or back.


One of the greatest benefits of EMS is rehabilitation. EMS has existed in the physiotherapy field for many years thanks to its proven success. Many injuries are accompanied by a lack of activation of certain muscle groups and inability to exercise muscles, which hinders the course of recovery. EMS is a great way to target the inactive muscles and begin to promote strength gain before the body is able to do so through traditional means. Utilising EMS as a recovery tool will also promote circulation which aids in nutrient transfer through the muscles, accelerating the recovery process.

For patients who suffered from back pain, EMS will help them feel better by training the core muscles and treating muscles imbalances, resulting in a stronger trunk and back.